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Raymundo Asks if It’s Weird to FaceTime His Guy Friends

One of Raymundo’s friends moved to Boston, and he hadn’t seen him in a long time, so he FaceTimed him. But his friend did not answer because he told him he does not do that with guys. So, Raymundo wanted to know is it weird to FaceTime another guy?  

  • Bobby Bones – Thought it would be weird to cold call FaceTime someone if you don’t know them that well. But if you are close to them, it does not matter.  
  • Eddie – He didn’t think it was weird and actually just caught up with a friend he had not spoken to for a while on FaceTime.  
  • Lunchbox - Thought it was weird to FaceTime another guy and it’s only acceptable to with family members or girls. He thought if he randomly FaceTimed a guy, it would be awkward.  
  • Morgan – She did not think it was weird at all and that guys should do it more.