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A Bacon-Loving, Hebrew-Speaking Jew Steps Into A Church

In this next episode Leanne takes you on an unexpected and deeply personal journey of spiritual discovery. She shares a bit about her upbringing, and what caused her to feel a yearning for something more, leading her to explore her own spiritual path. She emphasizes the importance of embracing one's unique journey and adapting language to fit your own personal experiences and beliefs.

Throughout the episode, Leanne explores the diverse paths to faith, drawing from her experiences working with clients from various backgrounds who grapple with their relationship with their own connection with God and spirituality. She reflects on the power of words and the significance of inner experiences over specific faith-based terminology. Leanne's connection to her Jewish heritage and love for Israel sets the stage for a twist of fate that propels her toward faith, highlighting the transformative power of surrender and the impact of worship music.

The episode truly comes to a head when Leanne shares a pivotal moment on a paddleboard, where a song's lyrics lead her to straight to her knees, praying for help and discovering a deeper sense of the concept of "surrender" she had been searching for. This experience prompted her to make a brave and profound transition from the fitness industry to a faith-based approach to emotional transformation, ultimately trusting in God's guidance (even if she wasn't calling that presence 'God' at the time).

Leanne shows us the importance of stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty, and finding trust in God, even when the concept is new. As she explores Christianity and attends Crosspoint Church in Nashville, her open-hearted approach to worship music and teachings shows us that there is this universal search for connection and completeness.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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