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A Scientist Goes Looking For God

In the debut episode of the "What's God Got To Do With It" podcast, host Leanne Ellington takes listeners on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Leanne begins by sharing her background as a bacon-loving Jew with a Jewish heritage, where Judaism was more of a cultural 'thing' in her life, but NOT a connection to God.

She candidly discusses her lifelong struggles with food, body image, and toxic shame, tracing her introduction to weight watchers at just 8 years old and her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. Despite losing nearly 100 pounds, Leanne reveals how she still felt trapped by the cycle of dieting and exercise.

This paved the way for Leanne's awakening to the need for deeper change, as she shares her realization that she couldn't diet or exercise her way out of her self-image issues and her newfound commitment to breaking free from the shackles of restriction and obsession. And that's when Leanne's life took an unexpected turn and introduced her pursuit of faith (despite not having a previous connection to God in her life). She delves into the concept of neuroplasticity and how it influenced her journey, acknowledging her initial skepticism about faith and spirituality.

She continues to share how her search for "surrender," led to her discovering God in the most unexpected places, and as the stage for her podcast's purpose, she invites listeners to explore faith, skepticism, and doubt in a safe space while contemplating the intriguing intersection of faith and science, inviting you on an enlightening and introspective journey into the intricate relationship between faith, identity, and self-discovery.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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What's God Got to Do With It is an iHeartRadio podcast on the Amy Brown Podcast network. It's written and hosted by Leanne Ellington, Executive Produced by Elizabeth Fazio, Post Production and Editing by Houston Tilley, and Original music written by Cheryl Stark & produced by Adam Stark.

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