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Dipping My Toes Into Christianity

In this episode, Leanne reflects on a pivotal moment when she found herself in the office of Pastor Kevin Queen and handed him an envelope with $500, not knowing exactly what it was for, but sparking intrigue and curiosity in her spiritual journey. She shares her reservations about Christianity and her initial hesitations to fully embrace it.

The episode highlights her struggle with complex spiritual concepts and the discovery of a transformative book, "Let Your Spirit Guide Speak." A serendipitous find of the book at a Goodwill store reinforces her sense of progress. She discusses her spiritual practice of connecting with 'spirit guides' through a simple prayer and a profound encounter with God's presence during a bike ride.

Leanne's decision to embrace the idea of God, miracles, and purpose despite her Jewish upbringing and initial skepticism is explored. She immerses herself deeply in her faith journey, engages with a supportive church community, and meets Pastor Kevin Queen, solidifying her sense of belonging. The episode concludes with Leanne's gratitude for personal growth and a teaser of what's to come in her spiritual exploration.


HOST: @LeanneEllington

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