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Lunchbox Brings Audio From His SPF On The Beach

A survey found that about half of men are uncomfortable with another man putting sunscreen on their back. The Bobby Bones Show men discussed how they feel about doing this, and then someone put it to the test.

Lunchbox did more of his SPF, Sunburn Protection Foundation, while he was on the beach in California, but this time there was a twist. Instead of him offering random strangers to rub sunscreen on them, he’s asking them to rub it on his back for him.  

The first guy he asked thought it was weird, did not agree to do it and quickly walked away. He then found another man alone on the beach and asked him, but he also thought it was weird and did not do it. He then asked two random girls on the beach, and they offered to use their spray sunscreen and they rubbed it on his back for him. Lunchbox found in his social experiment that guys did not want to rub sunscreen on him, but girls would.