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Amy Thinks Blue Orb Hovering Over Her Dad’s Old Desk Is Him Showing Up

Amy loves seeing signs and thinks she just found one that might be her dad!  

She was taking a video and she saw a blue orb in the room that her dad lived in for a day before he was put on life support. It was above his desk that she inherited. It was nighttime and she was sitting in a chair across the room while her cat was lying on top of the desk, and she wanted to get a video of her because she looked cute. When she started taking the video, she saw the blue orb hovering all around the desk. When she tried to film other parts of the room there was no orb, just over her late father’s desk, and it was blue, which she also thinks her dad is a blue jay! 

Everyone thinks the orb might have come from the camera lens since she could only see it on the video. They all watched the video and agreed it’s weird but think it might be a reflection of the light that was on.