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Anonymous Source Shares Concern For Show Member

Someone on the show wants to remain anonymous, but they have a concern about a member on The Bobby Bones Show.  

They used a voice changer to hide their identity to report Amy for “cornering” artists when they leave the studio. They’ve seen her do it on numerous occasions. Wherever the artist goes once they leave the studio, Amy is there with them and talks to them nonstop. They saw it happen most recently with Ashley McBryde when she was in the studio. They said she followed her into the green room and put herself in between McBryde and the cabinets, leaving her with nowhere to go and would not stop talking or let her leave the room.  

Amy defended herself by saying she didn’t corner them and did it to get a video for the Women of iHeart Country Show. Although the person remained anonymous everyone speculated it was Lunchbox.