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Morgan Goes on 2 Dates in 1 Day, Has Big Update on Hot Rodney

Morgan brought some news about her dating life!

She went on two dates in one day with two different guys. She originally was going to go on a date with one of the guys on Thursday night, but work stuff came up and she had to reschedule, and he said he was open on Saturday night, when she already had another date planned earlier that day. The first one was a breakfast date and they walked around afterwards holding hands. The date went fine but nothing super crazy. The second date was at night, and she had a hard time remembering which stories she told who. She only kissed the guy she went on the second date with. 

Lunchbox thought it was a double standard because if a guy went on two dates with two different girls in the same day, they’d get a hard time for it. Morgan said she wouldn't be bothered if she found out a guy did that because she doesn’t know him well enough to be offended by it. Bobby Bones thinks it’s good that she is dating again and as long as she’s not lying to anyone, it does not matter she went on two dates on the same day.  

Morgan also gave an update on the guy Lunchbox is trying to hook her up with, Hot Rodney. She finally got his number and texted him to which he replied, “I’m not sure if Lunchbox told you, but I have a girlfriend.” Lunchbox still gave her his number to give him an option in case he wanted to get out of his relationship, but he was well aware he’s been with his girlfriend for a year and a half. 

Raymundo’s friend Sam in Houston also showed interest in Morgan, but Raymundo told him to lay low. She did follow him on Instagram, and he is going to reach out to her soon. If it doesn’t work out with him, Raymundo has his single friend Justin in Boston who is also interested.