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Scuba Steve Admits He Drinks His Wife’s Breast Milk

Scuba Steve admitted that for the last five years he has been drinking his wife’s breast milk.

When she is done pumping and has the bottles, he’ll sip on it. He also has used it for his skin in the shower. It’s helped him get rid of blemishes and even when he feels an itchiness in his throat, he’ll drink some of the milk she has pumped, and it’ll help. He thinks it tastes delicious and would rather drink hers than regular milk you buy at the store. His wife makes an incredible amount of breast milk, so she sells it or gives it to people in need. His wife does not drink her own milk, but she does use it on her skin, and she also made it into a lotion for her niece who had eczema and it cured it! Steve has learned that when the baby latches on to start breastfeeding, the saliva tells the body of the woman if something is wrong with the baby. So, if the baby is sick, it changes the breast milk based on what it needs and it becomes the ultimate healing agent.  

Lunchbox thought it was disgusting. His wife had three kids and he never tried her breast milk. He was tempted but his wife did not allow it. Eddie is not that grossed out about it and is starting to be convinced that it’s better than regular milk. Amy looked into it and found that it may help adults with chromes and arthritis, and it is okay to breastfeed your partner. Bobby Bones does not think anything is wrong with it, but he feels like it’s gross. If a doctor comes on the show and tells them that drinking breastmilk is good for your health, they will consider trying it!