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Scuba Steve Suggests Turns Into Roast of Each Other

Scuba Steve made a bet with Eddie that if he grew his hair out until the end of the year, or if the jury made of Mike D, Raymundo and Morgan, say that it’s too distracting then he can shave it before, then Eddie has to shave his head bald and can’t wear a hat starting at the first of the year.  

Steve usually shaves his head bald, and his hair only grows in a ring shape around his head. It’s not growing well and it’s making him feel old. He’s not allowed to wear a hat at work, but he does everywhere else to hide it. The jury didn’t find it distracting and need to see more hair grown before they make their next decision.

After discussing the hair bet, Scuba Steve brought up a topic of music and somehow it turned into a roast of The Bobby Bones Show. Show members started shouting things other show members aren't good at and well, at least it will give people a good laugh. Watch below!