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Eddie Has Cheap Idea On How To Get His Teeth Fixed

Eddie had two root canals and needed to get two fillings, but his insurance won’t cover it and it will cost him $2,000. After they told him that was the best deal they could give him, he was informed there is a dental school down the road that is all students, and they will do it for cheap. He is thinking about making an appointment with them, but even though it’s great that it’s cheaper, they are students and could potentially really mess his teeth up. He figured since it’s just a filling and not a surgery, it wouldn’t be too hard of a procedure for the students to do correctly. It would also offer the students an amazing learning opportunity if they messed up.  

He’s not sure of any more information about the place, or how much it will exactly cost, but he is going to inquire about it. If he ends up doing it, it will save him enough money to use for the items the show is investing in.

Some listeners called into the Bobby Bones Show to suggest Eddie shouldn't go the cheap route and he needs to go see a real dentist to avoid more problems. While others said it's a great, cheap way to get your teeth fixed.