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Getting To Know This Guy Called Jesus (With Pastor Kevin Queen)

In this episode, Leanne and special guest Pastor Kevin Queen explore how to "try on" a new story to meet you where you are on your own journey. As Leanne shares the practical path she needed to take to meet her in her own skepticism, doubt, and curiosity, Kevin shares his own insights and wisdom on how we can all take steps to meet ourselves where we are.

The 4 Steps they shared specifically were:

Step 1: Discovering Jesus The Man - A Historical Perspective

First, how to suspend disbelief and dive into the historical accounts of Jesus as a man from Nazareth. Learn what history books say about Jesus as a foundational starting point.

Step 2: Unveiling Jesus' Character and Teachings

Explore the heart, soul, and character of Jesus, focusing on his interactions and teachings. Discover how Jesus treated the marginalized and his perspectives on old and new laws.

Step 3: The Trade-off and Promises of Following Jesus

Delve into the concept of following Jesus, considering what you give up and what you gain. Explore the promises and blessings that come with this choice.

Step 4: Investing in Transformation

Embrace the idea of investing your time, energy, heart, and soul in reevaluating various aspects of your life through Jesus' teachings. The invitation strictly being: Just try on this new story and new possibility.

Regardless of your familiarity with Jesus, Leanne and Kevin offer a fresh perspective on his life and teachings, encouraging personal growth and transformation. You're simply invited to "Get To Know This Guy Called Jesus", and open your hearts and minds to the possibilities that await when you embrace this new perspective. 

HOST: @LeanneEllington

GUEST: Pastor Kevin Queen  or

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