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Listener Encourages Show’s Pallet Investment

Listener Crystal called into The Bobby Bones Show and encouraged everyone to invest in the mystery pallet. The one that Lunchbox pitched contains returns from Amazon and it costs $525. 

For about five years, Crystal has done pallets for a living and is able to fully support herself comfortably as a single mom from the profits she makes from them. She prefers to do ones that are shelf pulls instead of returns and likes Target pallets instead of Amazon ones. But she has had some luck with Amazon pallets and she usually buys her pallets in the $500 range as well. She runs a Facebook page and has people pay for the items they want, and they come to her house and pick it up.  

Lunchbox also received a message from a listener that said their friend on their days off does pallets and makes a profit of about $1,000 per pallet. Amy’s friend also texted her about it saying they did it and that you have to invest in one of the more expensive ones to have better results. Scuba Steve and Lunchbox are going to pick up the pallet next week and will figure out who will be responsible for selling the items within the pallet.