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Scuba Steve Pleads To Jury To Shave His Head Before iHeartFestival

Scuba Steve usually shaves his head all the way bald because when he grows it out, he gets that half-ring look. He made a bet with Eddie that if he grows it out until the end of the year, starting at the first of the year, Eddie must shave his head and is not allowed to wear a hat to hide it.  

This weekend is the iHeart Radio Music Festival and he’s going to be around a bunch of executives, artists and other important people, so he is pleading to the jury made up of Morgan, Mike D, and Raymundo, to let him shave his head before he goes. People have found his grown-out hair to look unprofessional and he does not want to appear that way at the festival. The jury didn’t think it looked that bad and decided he needed to continue growing it out. They did consider that if he shaves his beard, he will also be allowed to shave his head, but it would let Eddie get out of the bet as well. Scuba didn’t like the idea of Eddie getting out of the bet easy, so he is going to continue to grow his hair out.

The iHeartRadio Music Festival is this Friday (Sept. 22), and Saturday (Sept. 23). You can listen live on iHeart Radio Stations and watch on Hulu!