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BBS Shares Updates On No Parenting Sundays, Bronco, Spider Bite & More

Listeners have been asking for some updates on a few things, so members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the latest on some recent events in their life!  

  • Eddie’s No Parenting Sundays – He and his wife decided they were going to take Sunday’s off from parenting their kids. They would still provide for them and not neglect them, but they wouldn’t try to teach them lessons. Now that football season is back, it’s in full effect, at least for Eddie. He spends every Sunday on the couch watching football and being lazy. His wife still does parenting things though.  
  • Morgan’s Spider Bite – She had a spider bite on her upper leg that she thought might be something more serious. She got it checked out and found out it was not a staph infection. She drew a circle around it to see if it would shrink in size and it has. The hard thing is still there so something might still be in it, but since it’s shrinking, she is just going to let it be.  
  • Amy’s Ear Stitches – She has gone back to Dr. Luckey’s office three times since she came to the studio to stitch her earlobe. It’s healing great and in three weeks when she goes back, if it looks good, she will be able to get it re-pierced! Dr. Luckey is going to come to the studio and do a Q&A soon!  
  • Bobby Bones Bronco – He loves his ‘70s Bronco and would rather not sell it, but he does not know how to fix it and feels like someone else would get better use of it. It’s also taking up too much space. He hasn’t listed or sold it yet, but when he does, he probably won’t talk about it on the show.  
  • Lunchbox’s Car Situation – He still has not sold his 2005 Altima after it broke down. When he comes back from Las Vegas this weekend, he plans to take it to another repair shop to see if they can fix it and how much it would cost. Then he’ll decide if he wants to pay for it or start looking for a new car.