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Morgan Spills the Tea on Lunchbox Trying To Scam St. Jude

Morgan spilled the tea on Lunchbox after she found out he was trying to scam St. Jude.

Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show got invited to attend St. Jude’s Country Cares event. They sent an e-mail to everyone to fill out their information because they are paying for the hotel everyone will be staying in. Lunchbox responded and said he needed a limo to pick him up, a paid flight from Nashville to Memphis and an extra free night at the hotel so his family could come.  

St. Jude is already paying for him to stay two nights but he wants them to pay for an extra night so he can explore Memphis with his family. Since he’ll be busy doing the St. Jude events, he won’t be able to have family time, so he wants the extra day to make up for it. He feels since he is helping them with their event, they should pay for his extra day there. He also wants to fly there because it’d be easier, even though it’s only a two-hour drive from Nashville, and there are no direct flights to Memphis. He thinks since he raises a lot of money for St. Jude each year, they should be able to let him stay an extra day for free. So far, they have said yes to his extra night!