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NEEDTOBREATHE Reveal Why They Call Themselves “Joyboys”

NEEDTOBREATHE stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the journey of making their new record, why they call themselves “Joy Boys,” perform a collaboration and more! 

NEEDTOBREATHE made up of Bear Rinehart (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Seth Bolt (backing vocals, bass), Josh Lovelace (backing vocals, keys), Randall Harris (drums, percussion) and Tyler Burkum (guitar), have been a band for over 20 years. The stylization of their band name of all caps and one word was chosen because they thought it looked good on a T-shirt and for an e-mail name, back when rock bands were mainly using their e-mail to promote their music. Then they realized when their name appeared on festival posters it looked bigger than everyone else, so it ended up being a good eye-catching marketing move as well.  

Their latest record Caves came out September 15th. It’s their ninth album and they recorded it in two parts – during a band getaway in Utah and then months later when they returned to touring with OneRepublic. Each member contributed to writing every song on the album and creating its overall sound. Lead singer Rinehart called it a “true band record.”  

When they listened back to the first part of the album they recorded, it sounded different to where they were in their life when they started on the second part. All of the band members have their own lives and families, so they don’t get to talk as much as they once did when they were beginning their careers. But every song on the record feels intentional. It also sees NEEDTOBREATHE collaborating with acts from all music genres, like Carly Pearce, Old Dominion and their upcoming tour mates Judah & the Lion. Judah was also in the studio and called NEEDTOBREATHE his heroes growing up. While in studio they performed their new song together, “Dreams.”  

Early in their career, the band was very strict on their rock and roll stage presence. They would just stand there and play their instruments and sing, but as they started to perform in larger rooms, they realized that didn’t connect with the audience as well. Then, when they opened for Taylor Swift a few years ago, they watched a video of their performance and realized they looked boring. Now when they perform, they have fun, dance around and make sure it is full of high energy.  

Before every show they put their hands together and say “Joy Boys!” Rinehart got the idea from a dream he had. He suggested it to the rest of the band members, and they thought it was funny and have done it since. It is a reminder to them that they are lucky to be able to create and perform their music and to not take it too seriously. Rinehart also talked about a tattoo of jorts – jean shorts - he has on his forearm. While in a therapy session, he was told to think about one of his best memories as a kid and went back to him as an eight-year-old kid with only a pair of jorts on. He knew right then that he was going to get it as a tattoo.

They will be playing 7-8 new songs from their record on the CAVES World Tour and have a place in each show to play a different one every night. They love that their fans want to hear their new music as well as their hits. Tickets are on sale now at NEEDTOBREATHE.COM.  

While in studio, they performed “Dreams” with Judah & the Lion and “West Texas Wind.”