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Old Clips: People React To Credit Cards and Drinking & Driving Laws

The Bobby Bones Show shared some old news stories that are interesting to look back on today.

The first was people on the news in the '80s reacting to the new law that did allow them to drink and drive anymore. People said they felt it was leading to a communist country and next they’d start enforcing seatbelt laws.

The second one was from 1993 when Burger King was one of the first restaurants to intrude credit card payment. The old clip showed interviews from people who thought it was bad if you had to use a credit card to pay for your meal at a fast-food restaurant. They also said they hoped it didn’t slow down the check-out process and couldn’t imagine credit cards working on a day-to-day basis.

What we learned from these old videos is that everything evolves, and change is okay!  

Photos: Getty Images