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Raymundo Asked To Be Mentor at His College in Michigan

Raymundo got asked to be a mentor at his old college that he went to in Chicago for two years before transferring to Texas State.  

In his mentor role, new students would ask him questions about the campus and about the communication classes while there. He wouldn’t get paid, but he’d get invited to events and would get to play at golf tournaments for free, but he’s got to be willing to e-mail the kids when they ask for advice. He does not want them to be hitting him up all hours of the day asking for relationship advice and other non-college related questions.  

Raymundo hasn’t been back to that campus in years and heard it’s changed a lot, so he’s not sure how much use he would be, but he agreed to do it!  He would’ve loved to have this as a student because he had so many questions and no one gave him advice.