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Scuba Steve Struggling To Say Goodbye To Personal Belongings

Scuba Steve has a really hard time getting rid of sentimental things in his life. He has a Disney JanSport backpack with Mickey Mouse on it. He’s had it for nine years now, but the zipper broke. He tried fixing it but had no luck. He bought a new backpack but is having a hard time making the full transition to it because he can’t let go of the old one. He’s so attached to it because it’s been everywhere with him. He’s taken it to multiple work events and trips and has a lot of memories associated with it.  

Bobby Bones gave everyone a challenge to ask their significant other what the one thing they have is that they are annoyed by and have to say goodbye to it. Bones knows his wife will tell him he needs to get rid of his old Razorback shirt with holes in it. Eddie thinks his wife will make him get rid of his signed Joe Montana picture and Lunchbox knows his wife will tell him his 2005 Altima that is now broken down. Amy will bring something she thinks her ex-husband was annoyed with. They will bring in the items next week to get rid of them for good!  

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