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Eddie Received His $3K Check From The Government

Eddie received a letter saying he was owed $3,000 from the government for unclaimed property.

At first, they thought it was a scam, but he went to the website and filled out his information and they processed it and sent him a check for the full amount! He was owed the money due to the places he used to live. He did have to send pictures of his social security card, but it all worked out. He said everyone needs to go to the website and see if they have any unclaimed property.  

Amy also thought she had a scam alert with a text her friend got. The bank texted her saying they needed to confirm a transaction and if she didn’t respond they were going to freeze her card. Amy told her not to send anything because she thought it was a scam, but her card got frozen, so it truly was her bank contacting her. She’s not sure how to know what is and isn’t truly a scam anymore!