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How To Believe When You Don't Believe (With Pastor Kevin Queen)

In this episode, Leanne and special guest Pastor Kevin Queen delve into the beliefs that often keep people from forming a meaningful relationship with God. They explore the misconceptions, worldly views, and unbiblical beliefs that can hinder individuals from connecting with their spirituality, inviting listeners to consider new possibilities.

Beliefs Explored Were:

"I’m too broken-- too far gone."

Addressing feelings of unworthiness, the podcast highlights God's love and forgiveness.

"My shame is different/worse than others'."

Emphasizing that shame is a common struggle, the episode provides a biblical perspective on coping.

"I’ve been this way far too long."

Discussing transformation and redemption, the podcast assures it's never too late to begin anew with God.

"God is mad at me."

Correcting the misconception of God's anger, the episode emphasizes His love and forgiveness.

"I was around religion growing up, and I know what it’s like. I don't want 'that'."

Distinguishing religion from a genuine relationship with God, the podcast encourages exploration.

"What would my family think?" and "What would my friends think?"

Addressing concerns about family and peer reactions, listeners are urged to explore their beliefs independently.

The episode wraps up by reiterating the invitation to listeners: "Just try on this new story, this new possibility." It emphasizes the importance of challenging and reevaluating these beliefs about God,  regardless of your current beliefs, to open your hearts and minds to a different perspective on spirituality and God.


HOST: @LeanneEllington

GUEST: Pastor Kevin Queen  or

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