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Amy Got Asked Out on Date With Handwritten Letter

Amy received a handwritten letter in the mail asking her on a date! It’s a dinner date in advance for later next year, when he gets out of prison. It turned out the letter was from a man in jail who heard about her recent relationship status and wanted to ask her out when he gets released. 

The letter was three pages long and he did not disclose why he was in jail, but he did state he has listened to The Bobby Bones Show for a long time, but he listen’s more frequently now that he’s locked in a cell. The letter is in all caps, and he included a smiley face!  

In the letter he said he is a fan of her and said she is a very beautiful women who can have anyone she wants so he wanted to shoot his shot and see if he got lucky by getting a letter back from her because he is looking for a pen-pal. He described who he was and said he likes to ride motorcycles, owns a boat and really stressed that he wouldn’t be in jail for life so he can take her to fancy dinners. He also said he likes to draw and would draw a picture of her if she sent him one.  

Amy thought it was very thoughtful that he took the time to write a letter to her! She has his prison number and Lunchbox is going to look him up online to find out what he’s in jail for!