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Scuba Steve Wants Punishment For Lunchbox on Pallet Investment

Members of The Bobby Bones Show pitched in their own money to invest in a mystery pallet that Lunchbox wanted to get.

It’s apparently full of Amazon returns and the goal is to buy it and sell what’s inside of it hopefully for more money than what you paid for. Everyone, but Scuba Steve, gave Lunchbox $88, and he still hasn’t gotten the pallet. He claims it’s because Scuba hasn’t paid yet so he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. But Scuba Steve is going with him when he gets the pallet, so he plans on paying then.

Bobby Bones did agree that Scuba should pay for it today so he can go get it. If Scuba doesn’t pay Lunchbox by the end of the day, he needs to shave his face.  Scuba Steve set a deadline that by Tuesday, October 3rd if they don’t have a pallet in studio, Lunchbox's punishment is to watch Amy’s sister’s show, Building Roots, in full and deliver a report the next day with wigs.