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Dolly, Jesus, Mantras & How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Welcoming Hug

Cristi & Ben Dozier (Amy's sister & brother-in-law) join as guests and the 4 main things they touch on:

Amy's major mistake when she interviewed Dolly!! There's a very special story about Dolly & Jesus that went down when Amy & Cristi's dad passed Crisit fills us in on that beautiful story.

The episode of Cristi & Ben's HGTV show that Amy was a part of last weekend (you can stream it now on Max...just search Building Roots season 2 episode 2...the episode title is: "A River Runs Through It")

Mantra cards & Crisit's new life mission statement: "I am now fully aware of my agency to create a life of purposeful intention & profound meaning!"

Cristi shares simple ways to make your home more inviting...she calls it "making your home feel like a welcoming hug!"


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy


Cristi Dozier // @CristiDozier // (coffee shop)

Ben Dozier // @BenDozier // (design firm) 

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