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DoorDasher Upset With Amy Over Tipping Method

A listener who is a driver for DoorDash, left Amy a message on her over tipping method. Amy said she hits the ‘other’ option when she gets her groceries delivered. The listener said they did not like that because it takes longer for them to shop for their groceries compared to just going to the restaurant and picking an order up. And if her grocery delivery orders get denied a lot it’s because she’s not tipping good.  

Amy said sometimes the grocery items she wanted are not available, so they have to pick something else to replace it and it can be more expensive, making her grocery bill pricey. She will still tip them accordingly, but 20% for some of the products can make it out of control. She said this message will make her pay attention to it more and is grateful it was brought to her attention! 

Photo: Getty Images