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Bobby Bones Show Reveals Their First Celebrity Crushes

Members of The Bobby Bones Show revealed who their first celebrity crush was. Find out their answers below!

  • Eddie - Kathy Ireland. When she was in Unnecessary Roughness that’s when he fell in love with her.  
  • Lunchbox – Cindy Crawford. He thought she was so smoking hot in those Pepsi commercials.  
  • Amy – Zac Morris from Save by the Bell and Patrick Swayze.  
  • Bobby Bones - Danica McKellar when she played Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years and Alyssa Milano.  
  • Morgan – Justin Timberlake during his NSYNC days.  
  • Raymundo - Pamela Anderson, he thought she had the full package.  
  • Scuba Steve – Brandy or Mariah Carey.  
  • Mike D – Topanga from Boy Meets World.

Photos: Getty Images