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Amy’s Friend Needs Advice Dating Guy Who Doesn’t Work Much

Amy’s friend has been dating a guy for a while and recently got turned off by his work situation. She has to go into the office every day for work while he works from home every day. Some computer systems went down at her office resulting in her having to work from home for a few days, allowing her to finally get a look into his life and what he does on a daily basis.  

He is an entrepreneur, and she noticed he does not do much during the day and will put on different movies while he works. She even walked in on him watching cartoons in the middle of the day. He also left the house for a little to play football with his friends, and it kind of turned her off. She does not find it attractive that he does not do much during the day while he’s working from home. She texted Amy saying she thought she knew him but had now learned a new side and sees there is much more he could be doing to make a better living. She suggested he could spend his time better by going to businesses to offer his product.  

The show agreed that since he knew she was staying home, he should’ve made it seem like he was busier during the day. But, since he does have his own business and has created something really great, they don’t think it’s that much of a red flag. Her friend just works very long hours, and when she comes home, he always acts exhausted like he worked hard all day. The show agreed she needs to chill out and accept everyone has their own way of doing things that work best for them.