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Bobby Gets Food Poisoning Before Event

Bobby Bones spoke at a Tech Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah last week and while he was on the plane there, he started to feel sick.

Throughout the plane ride he continued to feel worse. When he landed, he went to his room and fell asleep and woke up an hour later dry heaving from the bed. He vomited for six hours and couldn’t control it and his head was killing him. He thinks he got food poising from eating barbeque in the Kansas City Airport. He was able to pull himself together enough to walk to the lobby and get medicine to prepare for his public speaking event at 9 in the morning the next day. He said he planned on powering through with the speech even if he threw up on stage. Thankfully, the speech went fine but he felt physically destroyed. He was happy it was only food poising because he knew once it was done, he would be fine and not sick for days.