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Listeners Krista & Nicholas Waited On The Street To Play Easy Trivia

Listener Krista and her 10-year-old son, Nicholas, stood outside in the rain for a half hour with a sign that said, “Morning Studio,” just to hopefully meet The Bobby Bones Show! 

They are from Pittsburgh and drove nine hours to Nashville for a hockey tournament. Nicholas is the goalie, and his mom is the equipment manager and his biggest cheerleader. He feels his team has a good shot of winning their tournament and his goal is to play hockey in college. He is also a good student in school and gets A+’s! They have been listening to show since he was in kindergarten and Nicholas said his favorite singer is The Bobby Bones Show own, Abby Leigh Anderson and he loves her song “Hey There Hometown.”  

When they stood outside, their only goal was to hopefully see Bobby Bones car drive by and get to wave at him. They never imagined they’d be invited into the studio and get to speak on-air! Nicholas said the studio is bigger than he thought, and everyone looks the same as they do online. His favorite segment on the show is Easy Trivia, so the show played a round with him! Bones told him he’d give him $1 for every question he got right. He got all 10 questions right and got $10. He wagered it to get $100, but if he lost, he would’ve gotten no money. The final question was to spell Brontosaurus and he got it correct winning the $100! Bones will donate another $100 to any charity Nicholas chooses and wants to make sure he spends the money he won on himself. Nicholas plans to buy himself some new video games!