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WATCH: Episode 6 of ‘Too Much Access’ With the Arkansas Razorbacks

On episode 5 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie went to a very familiar place when they visited Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas for a day. From talking with head coach Sam Pittman, K Cam Little and TE Luke Hasz, to even playing in a home run derby on the softball field, the day was full of activities.

The day started in the football team meeting room with coach Pittman where he talked to Bobby and Eddie about dreaming of playing for the Hogs as a young player, the day he got the call to become the next Razorback coach, and much more. Plus, Bobby and Eddie had a chance to get some kicking lessons from kicker, Cam Little, and it’s debatable whether or not they applied the coaching. Freshman phenom tight end, Luke Hasz talked about choosing Arkansas over other D1 programs, and even allowed Bobby to wear his shoulder pads and helmet, and ran him through some routes. 

After the guys got done on the football field, they decided to hit the softball field with Bobby’s brother-in-law, DJ Gasso, who is a softball coach for the university, and plugged in as a pitcher for a homerun derby between Bobby and Eddie. After Eddie needed some warm-up swings to get going, he eventually connected on a few… and may have even hit a car… but Bobby came in hot right behind him to eventually seal the victory.  

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