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How God Helped Me Heal My Fears About Being Alone the Rest of My Life

Do you have beliefs that are holding you back that (no matter what you try), they continue to have a stronghold on you?

In this week's episode of the God Pod, Leanne Ellington shares her personal journey of transforming beliefs through the unique intersection of where "faith meets science"...and where "science meets faith", as we start to unravel how faith and science intersect in transforming your deepest-held beliefs about yourself.

She shares a unique process to transform your own beliefs, but also takes you on a deeply introspective voyage, and candidly discusses her transition from attempting to change her beliefs purely through scientific and emotional inviting God into the conversation.

She shares her initial struggles with self-worth and the fear of "being alone the rest of her life", and details how she crafted new beliefs that resonated with her core self and how she "backed them up" with carefully-chosen scripture.

Leanne's journey from skepticism to faith, from doubt to trust, ultimately culminated in a profound transformation, including the unexpected and beautiful development of a loving relationship, and this episode invites you to explore your own beliefs and see where "faith meets science" can help you reshape your own self-perceptions.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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