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Bobby Made Entire Italian Dinner From Scratch

Bobby Bones posted a video on his Instagram of him and his wife making an entire Italian meal from scratch. He admitted it was fun but hard and he rather not do it again.  

They did it because when they went to Italy a woman taught them how to make pasta from scratch. They took flour, dumped it into a pile, made a donut on the table with a hole in it and then cracked an egg in the middle of it. Then slowly took the flour and put it in the egg and made it into a ball then wrapped it up and put it in the fridge overnight. Then you flatten it and put it through a machine multiple times. It took them 14 hours and Bones will not do a tutorial on it since it took so long. It did taste great, but you could get the same thing at a grocery store. Bones announced he’s happy they tried it but will never do it again and does not plan on being a chef.