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Lunchbox Upset He Doesn’t Have Company Credit Card After 20 Years

Lunchbox tested positive for COVID, and the protocol is once he no longer has symptoms, he can return to work but has to wear a mask for five days. Until he comes back, he’s taking up an issue with the company about not having a company credit card.  

This October marks him being with the company for 20 years, so he does not understand why he still does not have one. While in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Scuba Steve paid for their meal on his company credit card, and Lunchbox was upset about it because he’s been with the company for less time than him. Not everyone on the show has one, and Scuba Steve does because he books a lot of things for people on the show.  

Lunchbox said he’d use his company credit card for meals with clients, for artists and other work-related things, but the show thinks that is not true and he’d use it on his own personal expenses. Bobby Bones does not have a company credit card and thinks Lunchbox does not need one since he is not responsible. When Lunchbox returns from being sick, he is going to send an official email to the bosses of the company to request a company credit card and will read it on the air!