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Update On The Show’s Pallet Investment With Lunchbox Being Sick

Listener Bobby in Mississippi called into The Bobby Bones Show to share he ordered two pallets from Amazon! He thought he was getting two huge ones, but they were both one-foot by one-foot and it cost him $200! He wanted to warn the show, so they don’t get scammed like he did!  

Lunchbox is out because he tested positive for COVID, but he called in to share updates on how his pallet investment is doing. He was given a deadline to have the pallet full of random Amazon returns, in the studio by October 3rd. But since he is out sick, he requested a new deadline. He can’t come back into the studio until Monday, October 9th, so his new deadline for a pallet to be in the studio by the end of next week (Friday, Oct. 13th), or he needs to give everyone their money back.  

Photo: Getty Images