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Bobby Shares The Story Behind His Last Name

Listener Nancy called into The Bobby Bones Show and wanted to know Bobby Bones name origin story. His real name is Bobby, but Bones is not his real last name.

When he was 18 he was begging to work at a radio station but kept getting denied. Then when he was finally hired, it was just to clean. One of the guys got fired at the station for stealing equipment and they needed someone to go on-air immediately, so Bones volunteered.  

They told him his radio name would either be Bobby Bones or Bobby Z, which he thought were both terrible. But he went with Bones because it sounded more real. To this day, he still does not love it and gets embarrassed when he’s introduced by it. And people mess it up a lot and call him Bobby Jones. He’s been known as Bobby Bones longer than he was known by his real name, so he is used to it now.