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Listener Needs Help With Son Meeting Gaming Friends IRL

Listener Carrie called into The Bobby Bones Show, needing advice for her son.

He is 20-years-old and a big gamer and the people he’s been playing with for seven years want to meet for the first time in real life in New York City. Her motherly instincts are telling her no because she does not know much about the gaming world and these people are complete strangers. Bobby Bones and Eddie became friends with someone they once only knew from gaming together, and they keep in touch with him all the time now! So, she wanted their advice if she should let him go or not.  

Since he’s been consistently playing with the same guys for seven years, Bones thinks it’s safe to let him meet up with them. If you’re a big gamer, the people you play with become the main people you talk to, and since they have been playing for years together, he does not think any of the other guys are bad people who would cause trouble.  

There are a few things he could do to make his mother feel more comfortable about it. She is also going to encourage him to find them on social media and take a look at their profiles to get to know them better before he goes. Also, to talk to them on FaceTime once. And if she wants to be extra safe, she can go to New York with him, stay in a different hotel, and be there in case anything goes wrong!