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Lainey Wilson Shares No One Showed Up Her High School Graduation Party

Lainey Wilson stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share she’s been working on new music, why no one showed up to her graduation party and more! 

Wilson leads the 2023 CMA Awards with the most nominations, nine, including Entertainer of the Year. She said she is still trying to wrap her head around it all, but she’s worked extremely hard and struggled for a long time, so it feels like the stars have aligned for her. By the end of the year, Wilson will have played 160 shows this year. She is currently on HARDY’s The Mockingbird & The Crow tour, she played on Luke Combs stadium tour over the summer, along with playing her own shows. She admitted this year has been a whirlwind and extra hard on her because of her father’s health. She heard from other artists that when you’re killing it, other things will happen in your life and it’s kind of the Lord's way of keeping one foot on the ground. She’s experienced moments that she dreamed about so when the opportunities come, she is going to take it, and she feels like she is right where she is meant to be 

She often gets asked if her accent is fake, so she’s stopped looking at people's comments because it makes her angry. She feels like it’s a personal attack on her and her family because it represents where she is from. If it were fake, it would be hard to keep up with all the time she said. She hopes in 30 years when it’s still the same people will stop asking about it. She thinks she’s kept her accent because she still talks to her family a lot, and the 300 people in her hometown of Baskin, Louisiana all sound the same way.  

She co-wrote her current single, “Watermelon Moonshine” with Josh Kear, and Jordan Schmidt. Kear had the idea and both her and Schmidt were on board because they had similar experiences about someone, they were crazy about when they were younger and were certain they would end up together. Figuring out young love all while having a bottle of something. They started talking about the Deanna Carter song “Strawberry Wine” and how it was an important song and anthem for them growing up. She said there will never be another “Strawberry Wine,” but she hopes when people listen to her song, they get that same nostalgic feeling.  

Being from Louisiana, Crawfish Boils are a big thing, and Wilson had one for her high school graduation party, but no one showed up. She invited all 24 people in her graduation class, but no one showed up. Now that the year is coming to an end soon, Wilson’s work schedule is starting to slow down. November will be a slower month for her because she will be mainly in the studio working on new music and not traveling as often. The coolest thing she’s gotten to show her family since her success is the new house and land, she bought for herself. Her family doesn’t know much about the music industry and what it means when she tells them she’s won certain awards, but seeing the house she bought for herself means a lot to them.