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Listener Had Crazy Uber Ride With Pregnant Wife

Photo: MOZCO Mateusz Szymanski / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Listener Bill from North Carolina called into The Bobby Bones Show to share a crazy Uber story he had with his pregnant wife!

In 2021 she was pregnant with their twins, and they had to have emergency surgery. They left Raleigh to get to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and landed in a blizzard, that turned out to be the largest snowfall Cincinnati had in 30 years. Their Uber driver did not feel comfortable driving them in the storm, so they were stuck there after midnight. Bill suggested he could drive his car and felt confident he could do it without getting into a wreck. The driver was very uncomfortable with the thought of letting him drive it, but after some convincing, he talked him into it and got it unstuck.

In the middle of the night, they got to their hotel, and he left the driver his car. Bill is a firefighter who knew some firefighters in the area, so the backup plan was they were going to come with a fire truck to get them. They had their surgery the next day and everything went well. Two years later and they have two healthy little girls.  

Photo: Getty Images