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Morgan Celebrates 30th Birthday In Disneyland

Morgan turned 30 last week and celebrated her birthday in Disneyland.

It was her first time visiting California, and she wanted to see Disney because she was turning such a big age and wanted to feel like a kid again and explore a park and not think about the fact that she had to keep being an adult. She went with a bunch of her hometown girlfriends, her sister and her fiancé. Her friends made koozies with her face on it and they explored the park and drank at the cool Star Wars bar.

Coming back Sunday was brutal because she got stuck in the airport and didn’t get back until 9 p.m. She was hungover and tried to cure it by eating a burrito at the airport, but it did not help. Then when she boarded the plane, she got hiccups. It was a Southwest flight, so she sat next to a random girl who asked her to move because she had friends coming on the plane. She didn’t think much of it and moved, but she watched people get on the plane and never saw the girls' ‘friends’ come. So, Morgan thinks she asked her to move because she was annoyed with her hiccups. Overall, it was a fun trip, and she had a great time.

She also shared an update on Raymundo’s friend, Sam, who he tried hooking her up with. He lives in Houston, so they texted for a while and even FaceTimed. But it fizzled out when she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to meet him. If he came to Nashville, she would go on a date with him though. Right now, she is not dating anyone and has deleted all the dating apps.