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Things We Dislike That Most People Like & Vice Versa

The members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the things that they dislike but everyone else seems to generally like. Lunchbox is still out sick with COVID, but he called into the show to participate! Find out their answers below.  

  • Bobby Bones – Peanut Butter. He hates the texture.  
  • Amy – Pickles. Ever since she got sick off of one in sixth grade.  
  • Eddie The Office. He likes little clips he sees online, but he hates watching the show.  
  • Lunchbox – Ugly people. He said everyone is always nice to ugly people and he hates it.  

They also shared the things they like that most people dislike.  

  • Bobby Bones – Artichokes and Okra.  
  • Amy – Sausage gravy on her cinnamon rolls.  
  • Lunchbox – Eating his fingernails and toenails.  
  • Eddie – Chili powder on his fruit.  

Photo: Getty Images