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WATCH: Episode 7 of ‘Too Much Access’ With The Kansas State Wildcats

On episode 7 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie made a trip to Manhattan, Kansas to visit the facilities of the reigning BIG 12 champions – the Kansas State Wildcats! And for the first time in this series, the guys hit the weight room AND suited up as if they were playing in a game themselves. 

Bobby and Eddie hit the field with All-American offensive lineman Cooper Beebe to run a few drills. Cooper gave the guys an overall grade after they were done with the drills, and they quickly learned how underrated offensive linemen are. 

The day also included a sit-down with head coach, Chris Klieman, where they talked to him about how he deals with injuries as a head coach, what he envisions for the future of college football, and more! 

Because working with Cooper wasn’t enough work, they got put through a rigorous workout with head strength and conditioning coach at Kansas State – Trumain Carroll. Coach Tru took them through some stretches to get warmed up, hit them with a few lifts, and even got out of his comfort zone with Bobby to end the workout. 

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