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The Faith-Brain Connection: Where Self Image Meets Neuroscience

Today is World Mental Health Day, and that’s why it's the perfect time to talk about the faith-brain connection, and how it has EVERYTHING to do with your  own mental and emotional health.

In this next episode of The God Pod, Leanne takes you on a journey to explore the profound interplay between faith, self-image, and neuroscience. Leanne breaks down (in simple science terms) how just influencing ONE specific part of the brain (the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC), or the "social brain" as she calls it) can change the game for you -- simply by knowing about it -- as just this ONE part of the brain influences everything from self-perception and emotional pain to coping mechanisms and physical pain.

Inviting God into the conversation right away, she shares how this region of the brain drives our need for acceptance and connection while also playing a big role in your coping mechanisms or habits which you feel are "out of control".

And it's not just theory either, as she shares evidence-based scientific studies that show how faith has been proven to drastically impact everything from self-esteem and addiction the alleviation of physical pain, and how THIS can hold the keys to your own mental and emotional health.

Ultimately, she's simply inviting you to 'try on' this idea that faith can be a catalyst for healing, strength, and transformation in the realm of mental and emotional well-being.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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