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Amy’s Friend’s Boyfriend Wants To Defend Himself After Last Week’s Segment

Last week, Amy shared a story about her friend who told her she saw her boyfriend, Brett, work from home for the first time. She said he was watching movies in the middle of the day and left to play football with his friends and did not do much work, so it kind of turned her off.  

Brett called into The Bobby Bones Show after hearing the segment on his own and said it was a huge exaggeration. He knew immediately when he heard it, they were talking about him and knew his partner told the story without all the facts right. The big thing she messed up was about watching movies all day. He said he likes to have background noise and will turn on some movies he’s seen 100 times, so he does not have to pay attention to it but still has that background noise on while he is working. To get even with her, he recalled a time when she spent four days at work watching Elvis documentaries and would call him at work crying about it. Then he explained the football situation and said it did not happen in the middle of the day. He plays football with his friends on Tuesday and Fridays at 6 a.m. before work and it’s like their morning workout.  

He said she is jealous of his schedule and that he can sit at home and work and fulfill orders while having movies on. They did not get into an argument after he heard the segment, but he told her he knows she is talking about him and exaggerating things to make him sound worse than he is.