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Lunchbox Updates The Show On Pallet Investment

A few weeks ago, everyone on The Bobby Bones Show gave Lunchbox $87, because he had an idea that if they all pitched in to buy a pallet of returns from Amazon, it would be a good investment.

You don’t know what is inside the pallet and the goal is to try and sell what you can from it and hopefully make more than you originally paid for. There is still no pallet in the studio and Lunchbox explained it’s because he hit a hurdle trying to get it.  

Upon doing more research, he found out that it was a random man named Mike selling the Amazon pallet and he thinks he already picked out the good stuff, put saran wrap around it and is trying to sell the leftovers. He didn’t realize that at first and thought he was buying a new Amazon return pallet. He did even more research and found that most places won’t sell you a pallet unless you have a special resell license, business license or Tax ID and that costs extra money to get it. If you don’t want to apply for a license, he also found that there are places out of state that will ship it to you but then you have to pay for shipping and sales tax. It would cost an extra $200 dollars per person if they wanted to continue getting a pallet. Everyone is backing out of the investment and wants their money back in the next 24 hours.