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Scuba Steve Makes Another Plea To Shave His Head

Scuba Steve is two months into not shaving his head from the bet he made with Eddie that if he grows out his hair by the end of the year, Eddie will have to shave his head next year.

Scuba’s hair has grown to a ring around the back of his head that connects to his beard and is bald on the top. The only way he can shave it before the end of the year is if the jury votes he can. He made another plea to shave his head because he’s going to St. Jude Country Cares this weekend and he feels like he will be a bad representation of the show with the way he looks. He also feels insecure about it after last weekend when he and his wife celebrated their 11th anniversary together and he was asked to take his hat off in the restaurant. He also feels like it ages him, and he doesn’t feel like himself. His wife does not like it either and wants him to shave it. He asked the jury, made up of Mike D, Raymundo and Morgan to please let him shave it so he can start feeling like himself again. Morgan voted that he could, but Mike D and Raymundo voted no. So, he was once again denied and needs to continue growing his hair out.

Scuba also explained that he and his wife celebrated their 11th anniversary since they first met. He likes to celebrate the first time he met her. When they met, he had just gotten divorced, so she made him wait 90 days until they did anything to make sure they really wanted to be in a relationship together. Now, they have been married for six years and have three children together.