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Bobby Bones Show Members Belong To These Fandoms

Psychologists found that being part of a fandom and most fan relationships with people and sports teams are positive. They increase media enjoyment, improve your emotional well-being and provide a sense of companionship.

Bobby Bones agrees because he thinks part of the reason why he loves the Arkansas Razorbacks so much is because it was the only stable thing he had as a child while moving around. Amy was once a huge fan of Taylor Swift and even took an art class to paint her a picture. When she handed it to Swift, she told her she was so talented.

Find out what fandoms everyone belongs to below:  

  • Bobby Bones – Arkansas Razorbacks.  
  • Amy – Reese Witherspoon and George Strait.  
  • Morgan – Marvel, her favorite character is Captain America.  
  • Eddie – Dallas Cowboys.  
  • Raymundo – Sam Hunt.  
  • Scuba Steve – Orlando Magic.  
  • Abby – Kansas Jayhawks Basketball.  
  • Mike D – Post Malone.  

Photo: Getty Images