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Eddie Asks if Son Can Miss Practice Because of “Too Much Going On”

Eddie’s kids have a lot of sports going on.

One boy is playing basketball, two are playing baseball and one is playing football. He's wondering if it's ok for one of his kids to miss practice every once in a while, especially his four-year-old son. Out of all the practices Eddie has to go to, if his four-year-old son’s is in the way, he doesn’t take him. He doesn’t want to encourage him to miss practice and knows it’s important for him to be part of a team, but since he is so young, he doesn’t think it’s a big deal.  

Amy thought it was okay if he did not have the bandwidth that day and he’s not doing it all the time. Lunchbox did not think it was okay since he signed up to be part of a team sport. Eddie felt bad doing it, so he’s going to try and make sure he goes to every practice from now on.