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Morgan Does Something Nice For Lunchbox, He Spills The Tea On Her

Morgan wanted to do something nice for Lunchbox, but he wanted to spill the tea on her. Lunchbox said that Morgan wasn’t a team player because she did not get him a Tennessee Titians box full of free merch two years in a row. So, she went to a guy she knew who works for the Titans and said Lunchbox was crying about not getting his own box and asked if they could send him one, and they did! But to receive the box, Morgan is making Lunchbox give everyone on the show one sincere compliment. He said:  

Lunchbox got his box, but before he opened it, he spilled the tea on Morgan. He called her out for what he thought was a hickey on her neck. She does have something on her neck, but it’s from burning herself with a curling iron. A hickey is a bruise, and hers is a blister. This is now the second time he has spilled inaccurate tea, and to keep the box, he has to wear the pillory of punishment.