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Show Members Bring in Things Their Partners’ Want Them To Get Rid Of

A few weeks ago, everyone on the show was told they need to bring in something their partner does not like and get rid of it. For Scuba Steve, it was his old broken Disney backpack that he does not use anymore, but it has a lot of memories for him.  

Find out what everyone had to get rid of below and throw in the garbage can:  

  • Bobby Bones – The Arkansas Hogs cut-off shirt that he’s had since 1999 and has a bunch of holes in it.  
  • Amy – Her wedding bouquet. It’s 17 years old and has dust all over it. It has nothing to do with her relationship, even if she were still married, she’s not sure she’d hold on to it.  
  • Lunchbox – Underwear that have golf pictures on it and say, ‘Do you want to see my wood?’ His ex in college gave them to him during his sophomore year.  
  • Eddie – His Dallas Cowboys shirt that he wears for every game day. It has holes in it and it’s dirty. He hopes getting rid of it might change the trajectory of the season.  
  • Raymundo – His pendent necklace that is a little too long on him and wears to every pool party. His wife thinks it’s out of style. 
  • Mike D – When he was first losing weight, he wanted to get cooler clothes. One thing he bought was a vintage shirt that his wife hates. 

They will burn all the items in the back alley soon!